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Everything your employees need to manage menopause

Menopause symptoms could affect how your people feel and manage at work. Stella offers your employees personalised menopause care – at an affordable price. Our online assessment recommends the right treatments based on symptoms, medical history and lifestyle.


How we help

Get personalised results

Treatment options for specific symptoms

No hassle

Prescriptions delivered directly to them by post within five days

Save money

Five times cheaper than existing private options

Online doctor consultations

More clinical time to fit around busy lives


Swift answers to questions by email or phone

How it works


Our doctor’s appointments

Our doctors are General Practitioners specialising in menopause and women’s health.

  • Appointments are booked easily through our friendly customer support

  • Consultation requests are completed within two working days

  • Online doctor’s appointments are 20-minutes long & suit any device

  • A clinician is always involved before prescriptions are dispensed

  • HRT won’t be for everyone – our doctors help them explore their best options

Does HRT give immediate relief?

of people taking our assessment
felt better after taking HRT

Some feel better after taking HRT within a few days or weeks. We review all medication after the first three months to check if symptoms are improving.

SOURCE: Stella+ research 2022


Trusted information about treatment

There are many decisions to make when it comes to HRT, including which type to take and how to take it. We provide the answers so your people can make informed decisions. In just 15 minutes your employees get to know:

  • Their menopause stage

  • Personalised treatment options for their symptoms and medical history

  • What steps to take to decide which treatment is right for them

How does HRT work?

HRT replaces and stabilises oestrogen and progesterone hormones, which fluctuate and fall to low levels during menopause and cause symptoms. It can be taken as tablets, patches and gels. For vaginal symptoms, it comes as a cream, pessary or ring.

For those with a uterus, progesterone is needed alongside an oestrogen-based medication to lower the risk of endometrial hyperplasia, the thickening of the uterus lining. This can be in the form of tablets or an intrauterine device, such as a Mirena coil.

Types of HRT

HRT is the best treatment for managing menopause symptoms but it is not suitable for some people and doesn’t treat all menopause symptoms. We offer three types of HRT:

  • Oestrogen

  • Progesterone

  • Vaginal oestrogen

What Stella+ users say

Menopause and women’s health specialists

Our clinical team

Our doctors developed our online menopause assessment in line with NICE

Dr Rachel Hines

Clinical director of menopause services

Meera Bhogal

Exercise, strength training & nutrition expert

Dr Rachel Burton

GP with menopause experience

Dr Kate Bunyan

UK Medical Director

Helen Henderson

Clinical Pharmacist

Dr Nazia Siddique

GP with menopause experience

Dr Ria Gotbi

Clinical Operations Manager

Stella and menopause in the workplace


What is Stella?

Stella is an online clinic for menopause offering affordable, personalised menopause care. We provide access to all treatment options, including HRT, ongoing support and community through our menopause app.

With Stella you can start with an in-depth online assessment which helps you understand your stage of menopause and get recommended personalised treatment options based on your medical history, symptoms, lifestyle and preferences. Treatments could include hormone replacement therapy (HRT), if right for you.

Your subscription includes HRT prescriptions, delivery within five days, online doctor’s appointments with medication review. Online appointments with doctors can be booked to discuss options and there is plenty of time with the doctor to share your experiences and concerns. The first prescription is always for three months and there is a three-month review to see how it’s going.

Access to the Stella menopause app is included. It uses personalised exercises and psychological techniques to get habits to stick, improving health now and in later life. The app covers sleep issues, brain fog, mood changes, weight gain, hot flushes and sweats, bladder problems and low libido, plus much more.

Inside the app, you can explore articles, exercises, mindfulness meditations, soundscapes, recipes and join our community with live expert Q&As. You can schedule healthy habits and track your progress.

Are doctor’s appointments online?

Yes, our doctor appointments are online via a secure video platform where you can see the doctor you are talking to. You do not need any special equipment – you can use your laptop or mobile phone.

When you book your appointment, we will send you a secure video link that takes one click to join.

Do employers cover the cost of Stella?

Yes! You can book a demo by emailing us at where we explain our packages and onboarding process. Our clinical team can also run sessions to explain menopause for managers or the whole organisation to raise awareness. Find out more on our For Work page.

Want your workplace to offer Stella? Share our For Work page and ask them to email us for a demo at

What are the risks of HRT?

There are different types of HRT and the type we recommend depends on your symptoms, personal medical history and family medical history. Read more about HRT risks, such as breast cancer, blood clots and strokes.

How long does HRT take to work?

Within the first two weeks you may notice improvements with some symptoms, such as hot flushes. It takes about three months to stabilise your hormones and feel the full effect, so a little patience is needed.

After three months, we will review your medication with you to check you’re on the right dose and formulation. Adjusting your HRT is an important part of the process and that’s why we offer this service as part of your subscription.

Does HRT cause side effects and how long do they last?

Side effects can occur fairly soon after starting HRT and usually wear off within one to three months.

HRT side effects can include headaches, vaginal spotting, nausea, breast tenderness, and tummy (abdominal) pain. Some may notice mild bloating or ankle swelling due to fluid retention in the first few weeks, but this should settle fairly quickly. HRT that is applied to the skin may cause skin reactions. This is more likely with patches, which contain an adhesive.

Always read the information leaflet that comes with your medication, particularly the section on side effects.

Read more about HRT and side effects.


What’s included?

Each subscription includes your medication, doctor’s appointments and free access to the Stella menopause support app, which uses personalised exercises and psychological techniques to get habits to stick, improving health now and in later life. The app offers a personalised plan for their specific symptoms, 1:1 and group coaching, access to a supportive community and helpful resources.

Offer better menopause care to your people with Stella