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Menopause care you can trust

Stella is an online clinic for menopause support. Get fast, safe access to the right combination of menopause treatments for you, including hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

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Personalised menopause relief for you

Our free online assessment recommends treatments personalised to your medical history and symptoms, from HRT to lifestyle medicine.

  • HRT delivered within five days
  • Personalised plans for lifestyle change
  • Buy menopause products that work in our shop

Symptom-specific treatment

How it works

Start your free assessment

Tell us your symptoms and medical history so we can assess your menopause stage and recommend treatment that’s right for you.

Choose your treatments

In addition to HRT, Stella also provides personalised lifestyle advice specific to your symptoms and the products you need.

Get ongoing support

Speak to a doctor if you have questions, prescriptions arrive within five days, track progress and join online community events.

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Start your free online assessment to see if HRT is right for you

Meet our care team

We’re here to answer your questions and offer support. Book an appointment with a menopause specialist, join group coaching sessions, exercise classes and much more.

Symptoms we cover

The Latest

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    Hormonal changes and life milestones make low mood common during menopause. Here’s when to get help and what treatment can help bring back your usual self.
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  • What is Stella?
    • Stella is an online menopause clinic which offers lifestyle change support and medication to help manage symptoms. Our personalised menopause care is safe, effective and affordable. Our services are available exclusively to our partners.
    • We help you:
    • – Find out your menopause stage and treatment options
    • – Talk to clinicians online about your symptoms and treatment
    • – Get treatment delivered within five working days. This could include hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and testosterone, if right for you
    • – Access to lifestyle guidance and support through the Stella app
  • What symptoms does Stella support?
    • Stella supports more than 30 recognised symptoms of menopause through a combination of lifestyle change support and prescribed treatment.
    • You may be eligible for HRT through our clinical services. This is the most effective available treatment for the following menopause symptoms:
    • – Night sweats
    • – Hot flushes
    • – Mood changes (including low mood)
    • – Sleep issues
    • – Genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM)
    • – Low libido
    • HRT isn’t for everyone and the Stella app offers lifestyle change support to help manage difficulties with sleep, mood, sex and relationships, brain fog, weight gain, bladder, hot flushes, night sweats, joint pain, plus much more.
  • How do businesses find out more about Stella?
    • Workplaces can book a demo and find out more about our clinical menopause services and lifestyle change support by emailing us at Find out more on our For Work page.
  • How much does Stella cost?
    • Only our partners can use Stella and we design our packages specifically to their needs. If you would like to partner with us, get in touch at
    • Our clinically based assessment identifies your menopause stage and recommends the right treatments to help symptoms. It’s just £135 for an online doctor’s appointment, three months of medication, delivery and full access to the Stella menopause app.
    • Your first prescription is for three months. It costs £135 for a repeat prescription, medical review, 90 days of medication and delivery. 
    • If you’re still having side effects or your symptoms haven’t improved, your medication may need to be adjusted. You can contact our care team at or 020 801 62064 to change your medication or ask any questions.
  • How qualified are your doctors?
    • Our doctors are general practitioners (GPs), gynaecologists or doctors with experience and additional training in women’s health.
  • How can I contact you about my order, treatment plan, prescription or anything else?
  • Can the Stella app help your menopause symptoms?
    • Yes, it works. Research shows that 75% of those who complete a Stella plan report improved symptoms and 80% say they feel better. Stella is recommended by menopause specialists.